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Clear Booster 125ml AL808
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Formulated to improve skin renewal and based on the efficiency of Alphaydroxy Acids in removing dead skin cells, this product is suitable for incorporation in skin lightening and renewal treatments. The formulation includes herbal extracts such as Butchers Broom, Cucumber and natural Aloe Vera gel to improve the lightening effect and minimize skin redness at the same time. And, is enriched with active moisturizers to ease exfoliation and enhance the skin tolerance to the treatment: Sodium PCA - (one of the component parts of the Natural Moisturizing Factor)and very efficient in slowing the evaporation from the horny layer; Salt derivative of Hyaluronic Acid - a polysaccharide naturally present in the skin that significantly enhances skin hydration; Gluconolactone - an active moisturizer from natural origin (especially compatible with AHAs, that acts as a naturally derived preservative; Glycine - an amino acid that supports the hydration of the skin; and Natural Aloe Vera leaf juice - rich in polysaccharides and valuable trace elements for improving the moisture binding capacity of the skin.
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