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LG Solid Gold 40ml AL142
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Solid Gold is a special blend of natural oils and waxes for superior enrichment of the skin. It is formulated for dry skin and areas that are prone to wrinkles, such as around the eye contour area. Solid Gold softens and melts as you apply it and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft! Solid Gold contains Siberian Seabuckthorn, an extract rich in protective nutrients such as Retinol (vitamin A), Tocopherol (vitamin E) and beta-carotene. This unique extract gives Solid Gold its bold orange colour. Solid Gold contains no animal by-products, being based exclusively on extracts, oils and waxes taken from plants. Solid Gold contains microscopic particles which act as tiny mirrors that reflect and diffuse light from the skins surface. This helps conceal the little shadow lines that make wrinkles visible. Solid Gold is perfect for use in conjunction with Liquid Gold Facial Replenishing Supplement.
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