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Collagen Facial 60min make an appointment This intensive anti-aging treatment hydrates, rejuvenates, tightens and reconfigures the skin's surface to subdue the visible signs of aging - without surgery. Unequaled for skin renewal.
Acne Treatment 75min make an appointment Deep cleansing, exfoliation, anti-germicidal steam, extraction, high frequency acne treatment, two suitable masks, followed by a daytime protection
Deep Hydrating Facial make an appointment It is perfect for dry, dehydrated skin, and aging skin. A five phase treatment formulated to exfoliate, deeply re-hydrate, restore, lift and firm the skin. You will have immediate non-surgical lifting and intense skin moisturizing.
Botinol Facial 70min make an appointment This innovate, clinically proven procedure combines five peptides with Retinol for a Botox-like effect without injection. An ideal treatment to mask the signs of aging.
Holistic Algae Facial For Sensitive Skin 60min make an appointment This facial is good for any skin with any appearance of sensitivity and oiliness. Moisturizing, non-occlusive, truly soothing formulations maintain hygienic conditions, provide immediate relief and have a remarkable ability to reduce the discomfort, redness and itchiness associated with Seborrhea.
Summer Gold Facial make an appointment Need a brightening boost? Next time you visit our Spa, try our new Summer Gold Signature Facial! This treatment was designed to target skin damaged by the sun and environmental pollutants. It is the perfect choice for those who want to undo the ravages of stress and poor air quality, along with improving skin tone, texture and elasticity. It includes deep pore cleansing, as well as a professional exfoliation and extractions. You will also enjoy face, neck and a scalp massage, 24k Gold facial mask, toner and moisturizer. All skin types. For this facial our technicians will use products made in Switzerland and Israel. The products contain different nutrients, bioactive substances including phytosterols, water soluble vitamins such as B1, B2, C, K, P and Folic acid, oil soluble vitamins such as A and E, EFA (80-95% essential fatty acids), free amino acids, alpha and beta carotenes, Lycopene and Zeaxantin.
Glycolic Peel + Mini Facial 60min make an appointment Glycolic acid has the ability to penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin. It stimulates cell regeneration in the skin by increasing the production of collagen. Glycolic acid’s fast acting results can be witnessed through the rapid shedding of the skin’s exterior to reveal fresh new glowy skin underneath. Abrasive exfoliating methods can be effectively replaced by glycolic acid peels as it removes dead skin cells with ease.
European Deep Cleansing Facial 60min make an appointment Customized Complete Cleansing facial is good for normal to oily skin. Cleans, rebalances, nourishes and protects your skin. This treatment is the ultimate in acne management because it targets current blemishes while helping to prevent future breakout activity. Performance: This specialized facial starts with a thorough skin analysis followed by skin cleansing, balancing and exfoliation and is completed by gentle steaming. Facial massage is also performed. It is finished with a customized mask and a day protection cream.
Whitening C Facial 60min make an appointment The dynamic treatment incorporates vitamin C and Lactic/ Glycolic acid to reduce hyperpigmintation (dark spots) caused by photo-damage, hormones and acne. This treatment is also perfect retreat for sun damaged, dehydrated skin. It begins with a thorough cleansing designed to balance the skin, followed by gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells. Next Lactic/ Glycolic acid is applied, after removal a vitamin C mask is applied to further lighten, brighten and clarify. Extractions are included if needed. The results is radiant new skin.
Winter Berry Diamond Facial make an appointment Winter Berry Diamond Facial will help you to prevent and repair stress-related aging and to support the skin's protective barrier against loss of moisture. Concentrated sprout extracts add vital nutrients and re-mineralizing trace elements to give skin a rejuvenated appearance. It is excellent for all skin types. This facial include extractions and peel and is customized to customer needs.
Teen Facial 45 min make an appointment It includes a skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, light extraction and home care instructions.
Express Rejuvenating Facial make an appointment For those on –the- go. It is perfect Facial to take before any event. It will rejuvenate, restore and refresh your skin. The facial includes cleansing, toning, gentle brightening exfoliation, face massage and customized mask. Your skin will get it natural glow and brightness.
Back Cleansing Facial 60min make an appointment Through this treatment we provide cleansing and extraction to keep your back clean and clear.
Men's Facial 60min make an appointment Designed for men, this customized facial provides deep pore cleansing and toning to restore fitness and vitality. The facial begins with a relaxing exfoliation, followed by steaming, face massage and face masque as needed. The treatment finishes with an oil-free moisturizer to hydrate.
Hollywood Brazilian Bikini Facial 60min make an appointment Loving getting the Brazilian Bikini Waxing , but ingrowns spoil it all? No worries! Come and get our perfect bikini area clean up with our signature spa treatment Hollywood Brazilian Bikini Facial! We'll exfoliate your private area gently, remove your ingrowns to leave your skin silky smooth and clean, Then we'll apply comfort mask to calm your skin down. The results - clean and clear baby skin!
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